• Roger Matthews

03/13/20 Got hand tracking working

Finally was able to get around to putting together a playable little test scene in Unity. Have been going back and forth and determined a few things -

- 2019.2 is totally fine. People are using 2019.3 as well now, even though not officially supported.

- MRTK is way too much work. VRTK+Quest seems outdated. Sticking to basics of OVRHand prefab, as this seems to be the most universal method.

- I can get Link to work with hands if I open Virtual Desktop first, and hit play with my mouse. Keep controllers safely hidden away.

- Outdated tutorials can work when pieced together looking at InteractiveTrainDemo thing.

- Hitting CTRL+K to build using SDK is best method for getting on Quest quickly.

At this point, I'm now able to quickly iterate and tweak my little test both via Link and via the headset. I'm finally able to actually start looking into bringing in the fog asset, and play with finding a way to move around.


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