• Roger Matthews

03/18/20 - Very frustrating VR period

It's weird to look at my post from last Friday feeling optimistic, and now feeling quite the opposite. Since then, it has taken many many many hours getting the functionality from two more tutorials to work in my project.

At first it was fun to take on the challenge of working with hand tracking in its early experimental stages, but it became demoralizing as fully realizing just how difficult it can be to get any existing tutorial to work.

Basically Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday were dedicated to getting two more tutorials getting implemented. Involved going backwards, having to recreate my work from scratch, rewatching tutorials, seeking help online, etc.

It was bad enough that has made me reconsider using hand tracking for this project, and using standard controllers instead.

However! At the last moment when I was about to abandon hand tracking, I received help finding a fix for the last of my current issues. So for the time being, I am sticking with hand tracking. I am prepared to still abandon them if I run into any more issues due to the early experimental state of their tools.

With that out of the way, I was able to try out the fog asset I purchased tonight. However, I am running issues with that getting incorporated with my Oculus VR camera prefab. I'm less concerned since I can get support from the creator, but the additional time required for these kinds of technical steps is frustrating when I'm mainly interesting in level design, writing, etc. I was excited to play around with assets and tutorials, but the time spent troubleshooting is going to potentially leave me little time for the creative parts I'm interested in, so I'm keeping that all in mind.

So, summary - keeping hand tracking for now. If not, I've chatted with another developer and he confirmed that if I stick with 2019.2 and use the standard Oculus controller prefabs, then that is the most standardized and quick/easy way to go.


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