• Roger Matthews

03/24/20 Fog Not Working Week

My success was getting all three tutorials implemented on hand tracking that I wanted to. That was a major accomplishment, as I was close to giving up many times, due to the tutorials not translating with the current Oculus SDK and such. Ultimately it came down to getting help from others to fix the final issue, and otherwise just reading current documentation/looking at current examples.

However, what I didn't fully anticipate was that my fog asset would not behave with Oculus's camera OVRCameraRig. It seems to add its own camera that overrides the Oculus camera, instead of playing nicely together.

As a result, I've instead been looking into other assets. Ulm is going to look at the asset I purchased, but I'm also prepared to find something else, if need be.

In general, I'm feeling regret about spending this much time on the technical side, as the goal was to focus on level design, general game design, and providing an overall experience.


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