• Roger Matthews

03/28/20 First proof of concept

Video here

I finally put together something playable that gets across the concept of my project. I made two versions - one with less GroundFog (prefab) for the Quest, and one with large amounts of fog that can only run in Unity with hands.

I am very happy with the overall idea starting to get expressed. Movement feels good using my hand - maybe a bit too fast and hard to control at times, and it's difficult to move vertically - but overall I don't feel nauseous flying around, and watching the video, the gestures being used look more intuitive than I thought they might. I was concerned the gestures would look too abstract and unrelated to the movement, but putting up the hand to stop looks effective - even if that was an accident, and the open hand was meant to accelerate.

Going forward

I am considering possibilities of using both hands together to trigger acceleration that way, maybe. Might be too confusing to have two hands working together though.

I need to still flesh out this idea of abstract shapes, and how far I want to push the particle systems away from something Quest friendly.

I think I need to look at some more references visually to get a better sense of what I'm looking for.

I also want to think more about why I am going this path, and what the fog is about. I do think it goes back to thinking about the moment I really fell in love with Silent Hill 2 was on a repeated playthrough and just running through the fog. There was something otherworldly about it. I think a lot of games feel familiar and repetitive because you get used to what they're doing visually, and to me, more abstract shapes are more suggestive.

What I learned

I ended up using the Unity Particle Pack for the fog, and it ended up being a great resource. It did not come up during searches because I was searching for "particle fog", and didn't consider how purely looking at particle effects could yield those kinds of results, since I already had particle packs. Thinking about keyword searching being important.

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