• Roger Matthews

04/08/20 Starting to add apartment teleportation

In very early stages of teleportation. I haven't spent a ton of my main project this week, and have been spending a lot of time learning Quixel and putting together a workflow to create a level using the right software. On that front, there's not a lot to report beyond that it's been taking a lot of patience to figure out how to best way to work with Quixel. All the technical things are in my notes.

In terms of my project currently, I'm pleasantly surprised with my little bathroom looks. It's effectively claustrophobic, and it was easy to cheat in some blue light to get the tone right for what I'm going for. I also was pleasantly surprised by adding the giant door and using red lighting on additional fog to create a nice contrast between the grey and red areas. It combines nicely and I've written some ideas on how to better make use of that going forward.

The only real downsides to the project so far are logistics - I feel fairly happy with the results of my work so far, and the direction it's going in. This is very much in contrast to last semester, where I was constantly reinventing the concept in some form. Here, I feel like I'm following a blueprint with a good focus, where any experimentation feels in service of the core idea.

This is probably because I'm playing with concepts that I've been thinking about for a longer period that are more difficult to accomplish. Last semester I set the technical bar lower, and then struggled more in the design phase to work with those limits. Here, I set the technical bar higher, but also don't feel I'm compromising design wise.

Of course, these are very early stages, and I've spent very little time thinking about the bigger picture story of what would make this idea really come alive. I am feeling better about it, though, as I am thinking of a more personal story about one person, instead of multiple rooms. I think this is because ultimately I like the idea of a more personal story that I'm telling, inspired by creators like Davey Wreden and Nina Freeman. Really, my goal is to create a project that shows I am trying to make a statement first and foremost.

Granted, Davey Wreden said he made Stanley Parable in part to try to get a job at Valve, but it's clear the work is very personal.

I'm not too worried about that aspect for this semester, but it is very much on my mind for next semester.


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