• Roger Matthews

11/14/19 Prototype #1

For my first semester project deadline -

Here is a link to a video playthrough of my first prototype!

Additional thoughts

- I abandoned my initial concept of minimal interactivity, where you walk through the subway and you can trigger various audio cues that tell a story. It felt very random and unmotivated. I decided to dig deeper to provide more interactivity, scrapping most of the story ideas, and focusing on the concept of time, and how you interact with it.

- Thinking of adding title card over blank beginning that fades in and out

- Lighting is WIP. Subway car is basically done to illustrate the concept, but I haven't put too much time into the pig's area yet.

- I'm going to record audio for the beginning pigs to yell "YOU'RE LATE" and such, to direct you to another area where other animals talk about time

- I have a timer mechanic currently implemented where you can change time. However, I'm not sure how to best trigger it. Hitting the intercom repeatedly? I have a pay phone you could click on, but it doesn't animate. I like the idea of maybe creating a second modified intercom that independently affects time, but not sure

- I'm playing with the idea of the pig animations going faster and slower as you affect time as well. I haven't figured this out yet, and not sure if it's a top priority though.

- I like the idea of it building to a 'tea party' with many animals everywhere, where time gets incredibly fast.

- Overall idea is that as you wake up more animals, time goes faster, until finally the subway gets very bright, and it ends on the world returning to color and fading out.

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