• Roger Matthews

11/21/19 Project update

New project video link

Even there is nothing due this week, sending a video seems handy. So here is what I have added this week

- Each pig can be controlled independently to animate at a different speed. i.e. you set the time to "Fast", walk into a pig", and it animates quickly. You set the time to "Slow", walk into another pig, and then that pig will animate slowly. I still need to implement triggers in-game to control this.

- I can also animate all of the pigs at the same time. For the end of the experience, I'm imagining all of the animals move in unison as a climax of sorts.

- Experimenting with getting the animals to walk into the subway at the end. Right now, unintentionally (as you see in the video) the pig ominously floats around following you like a scary ghost. Might make use of this since it makes me laugh.

Problems to solve

- I'm tight on time, so the main thing I want to focus on is getting the animals to walk into the subway at the end. (To encourage you to follow them) I've been asking around and spoke to Ulm who told me what I want is doable, but we spoke briefly, and I am hoping to hear back on Discord with more details.

- I would *love* to have a few lights shine color into the space at the end, but this looks like something with no simple answer, so I most likely will have to scrap it. My main goal is to get the player to walk on the subway at the end, so I'm hoping having the pigs walk in could be enough to make this effective.