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Fall 2019 Revised Project Proposal

After speaking with Jonathan Rudder last week, I agreed with him that my initial project proposal is something too ambitious to tackle at least for now at Becker. Breaking it down into smaller components for a semester long project will also lose the essence of the concept. I'm best off working on a pitch for that project for the future.

As a result, I am now conceiving of a new project tailored for the time frame of one semester.

Project - Storytelling through Worldbuilding

For this project, I am aiming to create a small game in the vein of Firewatch, where you explore an environment while a character speaks to you and reacts to your actions. I want to use this as an opportunity to work on my skills both as a world builder and also as a narrative designer.

The basic story outline is that you are playing a man coming back from work late at night, wandering empty city streets. As you walk home, you get a call on your cell phone. At first, it sounds like just a wrong number. But the person continues talking, and the longer they talk, the more it's clear something is seriously wrong. Your goal is to find out what is wrong by keeping them talking, and over time finding out their location.

The scope of this project is intended to be small. The game should not take more than 5-10 minutes to play, with most of that time spent simply walking around a pre-built environment while listening to a phone call.

Gameplay Mechanics

1. At certain points in the conversation, you are given multiple responses to choose from. These will be limited to specific moments, as the focus is not on a complex branching narrative.

2. You will receive hints about the person's location as you speak to them.


I will be using this project as an opportunity to learn the Unreal Engine.

Art wise, I will be using existing assets from the Unreal Engine Marketplace. I intend on using one 'all in one' pack to give myself time to focus on the narrative component.

Voice acting wise, I am ideally thinking of using my voice, as I am studying voice acting. If both characters need voices, there are potential actors/actresses I could reach out to, but I would prefer to keep the project simple enough where I can do it on my own.

Going forward

For this coming week, I intend on starting to learn the Unreal Engine, and also begin drafting out the details of the story. I'm going to hold off on purchasing any marketplace assets until I have the story and design close to finalized.

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