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Project starting + starting to sculpt

Updated: Feb 12

Started figuring out Oculus Quest workflow with Unity. Decided I needed the dedicated USB-USB3 cable, and ordered one. Mainly have been orienting myself with the Quest in general.

I also started getting the basics of ZBrush down, and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to sculpt and make strange abstract shapes. The below was purely an experiment not for class, but it gave me ideas for what I could do for the future.

This led to my first pass of my character, where I was modifying an existing base mesh using the Smooth brush, to remove defining human characteristics like muscles, facial features, etc.


After -

AirBNB update

Organized my notes into some key points -

Central idea - You embrace terrifying creatures and allow them to "overcome" you, so you can progress. Examine how a “Failure” can lead to success.

Fog Mechanic - Getting enveloped by the fog transports you from the “real world” (a cramped apartment) to a giant surreal area, where creatures/monsters are present. The fog can be a fairly literal metaphor of the navigating the ambiguity of the people’s lives in the game. Could possibly use fog to travel between rooms and areas.

- You could potentially trigger fog by turning on faucets or showers.

- Possessing different objects could affect how the fog reacts to you, or where it takes you.

- Perhaps you could overcome the fog monsters through gameplay, but this ironically disrupts your mode of transportation between areas! You need to have the monsters overcome you to travel! So you must trade comfort for distress in order to progress.

- Had idea of the fog filling the whole apartment without transporting you as well. This would mean not getting transported, but instead the world gets increasingly insane as fog fills it.

- Fog could trigger cinematic cutscene events?

- You hallucinate past traumas/unresolved life events in fog. In rooms of others, you see the experiences of the person in the room.

- Could be useful to have fog as something you wipe away with you fingers to see clearly.

Antagonist - The antagonist wants you to be horrified by what he presents to you in the game world, but the reality is that he, a regular human, is the source of horror, not the monsters or the fog you see. He is torturing humans. The ultimate goal is to find the Antagonist, and then decide what to do with him - do you let him go? Murder him? Try to get him arrested?

Mental Health Component - Your character is dealing with agoraphobia and panic attacks

with allusions to other mental health difficulties, but they are never given a specific diagnosis. Intent is to portray the reality of mental health existing on a spectrum beyond labels in the DSM, again fitting with the theme of ambiguity.

Meeting Characters - Each character has their own room. When you enter, they are asleep in bed. Using the fog, you are able to be transported and see the subjective world from their perspective.

The “Why” - You were picked by the Antagonist because he looked you up, and determined you to be vulnerable and susceptible to manipulation. He also sees himself in you, and sees you as his potential successor. He is mentally deteriorating and is now lost, and doesn't know how to escape his own world he's created.

Range of Crimes Committed - There is one murderer (the original captive), one of lesser offence, and the others are guilty of small offences (lying, etc). Essentially only two are criminals, and the rest are innocent in the eyes of the law, as the Antagonist got older and had a harder time drawing a boundary between guilty and innocent.

Antagonist in a Room - The Antagonist is in one of the rooms, but he won’t tell you which one.


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