• Roger Matthews

Prototype 1 video + Alien thoughts

So this past week I made my first prototype video where it's built out enough to actually show the concept - Link

This got some pretty positive reception from Ulm, and I think there a lot of things I like about it. My own notes cover most of this, but mainly I need to add the fog mechanic, and actually spend time playing around and focusing on tweaking the design into something I'm happier with, and also coming up with a more solid presentation pitch for end of semester.

Unrelated, but I'm also on a weird mini-obsession with Alien currently, and kind of trying to figure out what exactly is drawing me to it, aside from the obvious atmospheric qualities. I think it's something about the relationship between the faithful recreation of the film Alien in the DLC Crew: Expendable - something about that crossover between film and games. Questions about the incorporation of Giger's artwork, and whether the undertones (i.e. sexual violence of the alien) make up for the lack of much of a memorable story in the film itself.


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