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Spring 2020 Documents created

Created document to outline logistics of semester

Copy/paste below

Project logistical outline

Organizational method

I will use a Trello board to track my progress


Project goal background information

Since many of my ideas are similar, I’ve decided to focus on the fundamentals of what drive the ideas - environmental exploration and subverting expectations (both genre and player expectations). I’m the most interested in playing with survival horror tropes, and the apartment setting of the AirBNB Murder Mystery can help keep the scope down to a more manageable size. The other ideas feel too open-ended in a way that I could think leading me to getting lost.

Challenge - The only challenge with this approach is how to tell the story. I can play around with the finger tracking mechanic in VR, but it’s important to get to that room with someone inside, to play with the themes of guilt/morality - or figure out what the themes even are I want to play with. The scope of the idea currently isn’t do-able in one semester, to both build out another space for a character’s story, *and* do the monster/fog mechanic. Unless I found a way to do very little programming to get things in a prototype state.

Potential solution to challenge - the goal of Unity is to find as many pre-made assets as possible, programming wise. Have a sprint to compiling pre-made pieces within a certain timeframe. Would like to think more about structuring the sprints.

General sprint outline

First major sprint (2-4 weeks? Dividing into thirds?)

Get a copy of current Unity VR project. Get setup with Oculus Quest.

Put together a preliminary GDD with story outline of what one character’s story could be.

Decide on apartment asset to use.

Look into using existing finger tracking code. Research how this can be utilized.

Find Unity asset that can generate fog-like particle effect that can be interacted with.

Goal of sprint - experiment with finger tracking and see what mechanics emerge, and see how this mechanic could inform the story. Ultimately, the goal is to play with subverting the survival horror genre - when encountering enemies, you do not fight them, nor do you run away from them. It’s more about accepting terrifying things happening, and having the confidence to withstand something anxiety producing/terrifying. Or something more open ended of interacting with creatures in the fog.

Second major sprint

Revise GDD/story doc into a more detailed state based on experiments. Write a basic story for one of the characters, and look into a way to tell someone’s story through the assets that already exist.

Put together basic prototype.

Third major sprint

Refine prototype.

Try to build out full concept, and rescope as I go.

Lock content. Polish. (2 weeks of polish roughly)


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