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Spring 2020 Project Ideas

Concept Art (oof)

Good lord, I made my first character concept art, along with collecting reference images. The character is meant to be a tall monstrous creature with no face, mainly in black, that is dressed in mariachi clothing and plays mariachi music.

In addition, here are some concepts for my semester project. Mainly am concerned about what is the best choice in terms of pragmatic feasability over what is the 'best', per se.


"AirBNB Murder Mystery" VR concept

You use the finger sensors on the Quest to calm yourself down when faced with frightening hallucinations. You're encouraged to deep breathe and clench and unclench your fist to relax, or maybe even puncture the ‘fog’ of the creatures with your fingers.

You start in a shared AirBNB apartment (or hotel space).

Then, when taking a shower, steam starts to come out of the showerhead.

Steam fills the bathroom, and then soon the entire apartment. Steam is coming from the kitchen faucet sink as well.

As the steam/fog accumulates, you start to see creatures and strange shapes. They feed on your fear - the more anxious your character gets, the longer they stick around.

You can make the creatures disappear by calming your character down, and overcoming their feelings of fear. This results in the fog disappearing, and the environment returning to normal.

However, your character is stuck in this strange environment, until they comes upon a hidden door.

This door takes your character to a giant large circular room with multiple doors. You hear banging on the doors, with voices behind them yelling, asking you to let them out.

The gameplay consists of unlocking these doors and learning about the people stuck behind these rooms.


Osmose inspired idea

You play a doctor in a laboratory who grounds his perception of the world in the findings of science. One day, while working at night with no one around, the entire floor inexplicably shatters and sends him plummeting into a mysterious abyss that challenges his conception of science and how the world works.

The game will switch between the grounded real world the scientist is familiar with, and then a much more abstract, Osmose (or low poly) inspired world full of strange abstract shapes.


VR nightmare experience.

An experiment that is designed to disorient and terrify you. You are in bed experiencing "Night terrors" (sleep paralysis), where you are half awake, frozen in bed, hallucinating. Basically break all the “rules” of VR in the service of freaking out the user. Disorienting the user by being in worlds with strange abstract visuals, jump scares, potentially nausea inducing motion, you name it! Aggressively user unfriendly in a way that is hopefully compelling for those who enjoy horror or general intense experiences. Inspired by playing an experience where you float in space in a way that was genuinely terrifying and led to my wife feeling off balance and gripping a nearby table .


Cinema game

You play literally as a camera attached to a crane. You can fly around, zoom in, change focus, change exposure, while observing people interact around you. The way you move around can change how you perceive a story that is unfolding around you.

- Perhaps could also open this up so you are a beam of light that can travel through walls and such. Perhaps you play someone who passed away and is now observing the world. More about exploration than the specific camera controls.


Technical ideas

https://twitter.com/Ruben_Fro transforms 360 video into photogrammetry with metashape and Unity. (https://www.agisoft.com/buy/online-store/

3D scanning with Kinekt

Using Tiltbrush in VR


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