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Thesis Revision + Interactive Fog Implemented

Updated: Sep 20

Hit an important milestone this week with our project! I was able to get interactive fog working, and made my first build. My programming team seems to be moving forward with implementing a VR input system and getting familiar scripting in Unreal. “It could be such an absurd thing in the dream that makes you afraid, but it works for you... My friend Jack Fisk had a recurring dream about a tire. It’s rolling on a shelf in a garage. And it rolls, and it almost goes over, and then it rolls back. And it rolls the other way, and almost goes over. Just that tire rolling scared him...

It’s the subjective thing... The essential ingredient is completely unable to be communicated… There must be some added information coming in in some way… It’s so unique and powerful to that person. But with sounds and situations and time you could get much closer to putting that together for somebody else with a film.”

-David Lynch (Lynch on Lynch)

In this quote, David Lynch is referring to the power of using abstract surrealist or expresssionistic imagery to convey deeper parts of our subconscious that we cannot easily articulate or put into words. It’s a fairly common experience for one to experience a powerful dream, only to awake, and struggle to communicate to someone else what was so impactful about it.

In his quote he is referring to film, but the concept equally applies to any artistic medium - whether it be his predecessors in art history, or future artists experimenting with interactive digital experiences.

In particular in the case of interactive digital media, there is a greater opportunity to create a more personalized experience that could dig further into one’s individual consciousness based on their interactions with their digital world.

Essentially, specificity can be the enemy of creating a deeply emotionally engaging experience. Instead, abstraction that can lead to giving the mind more to process and work with.

This paper will focus on immersion through raising questions instead of answers: An examination of using surrealist and expressionist approaches to create interactive storytelling experiences that are both immersive and emotionally engaging. This approach towards immersion can create questions and mysteries in the user’s head for them to ponder, without the aid of clear explanations. When this approach is successful, the user can still be immersed after their experience is over, because they are still pondering the questions raised by their experience.


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