• Roger Matthews

VR - Oculus Quest concept


At first, I was thinking of a multiplayer game where two players with separate headsets meet in an area, and each draw separate boundaries within the same room. (Using the Oculus's ability to have you manually set your physical boundaries when you first turn on the device) Then an interaction could be based on the fact that they both need to stay in their boundary they drew in the room.

However, I then read about new features coming to the Quest, such as Passthrough+, which will make the black and white passthrough video stereoscopic.I was thinking it could be interesting to incorporate the stereoscopic video into an experience, where you could create your own custom videos to share on social media.

Next, I read how the Quest will incorporate hand gesture recognition next year, and found a really thorough video detailing how the technology is working in an early beta. I thought about how this could allow for specific, more complex, movements used in Qi Gong and Tai Chi. I then learned how a Tai Chi based experience exists already, using the hand controllers., and it guides your movements in an interesting gameified way. I did a bit more research, though, and it seems Tai Chai is fairly difficult, and that for a broader audience, an experience using simpler Qi Gong movements would be more accessible.


I decided to focus on the hand gesture recognition feature. You perform Qi Gong inspired hand movements.

It appears that currently the hand recognition does not support using a regular controller in one of your two hands, and the camera can't see your hands if you move them too far away, so the movements here would all require your two hands to be in front of you. So this would mean not using various Qi Gong motions where your hands move further away from your body.

What you will see onscreen will be abstract colorful 3D lines and shapes that move around you. Your hand movements affect the movement of the shapes. If you don't move your hands at all, the shapes fill the screen very densely.

Visual indicators will appear onscreen to guide you on performing a Qi Gong exercise. As you follow the guide and perform the exercise, you are able to move the lines and shapes around you, and clear a space.

The experience is structured in a time interval you can set - 10 minutes, 15, etc, where you are tasked with performing the exercises presented to you.

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