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Roger Matthews 2024 Previs Artist Reel

Roger Matthews 2024 Previs Artist Reel

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Project Highlights

Ted Lasso (Apple TV+)

- Waco: The Aftermath (Showtime)

- American Born Chinese (Disney+)

- Dave (FX)


- Cinematic Technical Artist and Previs Artist for Cinecode

- Lead development of custom in-house Unreal previs animation toolkit 
- Assembled environments for scenes and animated them using Sequencer 

- Edited scene assemblies and showreels
- Regularly met with CEO to plan roadmaps for future tool development

Live Performance

A Survivor's Odyssey Work Sample

A Survivor's Odyssey Work Sample

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Project Summary

- Live virtual opera performed using green screen technology within Unreal Engine

- Premiered September 2021.


- Contributed as Environment Artist and Technical Artist

- Collaborated with Director on live Zoom sesssions to assemble/modify 3D environments and work out initial blocking for each scene within Unreal.

- Integrate numerous iterations of musical score from audio team

- Collaborated with opera singers on live Zoom sessions to setup their green screen feeds, run tech rehearsals, and finalize their blocking positions in sync with musical score

- Created camerawork for finalized scenes


Additional Details

- Created and maintained the Unreal project used by team

- Created and maintained GitHub repository

- Established Unreal workflow procedures, and trained team members in using Unreal and GitHub.

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