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Week 1 - Winter Break work summary

For my first studio meeting, I made a slide presentation detailing the big picture concept for the project. Both links summarize my work over the Winter break overall.

Misc notes I pulled while researching Kafka that I'd like to incorporate into my paper.

- " Kafka uses his writing as a code of the transcendental, a language of the unknown. It is important to understand that this code is not an escape from reality, but the exact opposite — the instrument through which he seeks to comprehend the world in its totality without ever being able to say to what extent he may have succeeded"

- "Because they cannot make themselves heard, much less understood, Kafka's protagonists are involved in adventures which no one else knows about. Since there is usually nobody else within the story to whom the protagonist can communicate his fate, he tends to reflect on his own problems over and over again. "

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