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Week 3 - Level Design work begins

With a general plan in place, I've started implementing more specifics.

- Procedural destructible glass. I found what seems like the best option. Documentation is awful, but could be very useful in portraying an essential idea of the chaotic destruction.

- Closer to finalizing assets for level design.

Biggest thing I've been thinking about is the difference between a meteorologist and a weatherman. There is a lot of overlap! You could have a meteorologist who only studies computers, and a weather man who doesn't really understand meteorology who is in front of the camera.

Got some good suggestions today on how to move forward with the creepy office environment and make it work.

I keep on wanting to move back to the house with a simpler self contained layout, buut it just reeks of horror cliches for me. I still go back to thinking about just how similar my dirty apartment idea looked like Silent Hill 4, but in an unintentional way. I want something more distinctive that feels more personally connected.

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