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Week 8 - Level Design progress

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Big picture

Game mechanics in place

- Core VR mechanics (i.e. grabbing), grabbable objects

- Force Pull (grabbing objects) almost working. Is klunky currently.

- Can make objects appear and disappear by placing Blocks.

- Destructible glass works.

Game mechanics in progress

- Interactable VFX need optimization, but seem on track to be completed.

- New non VFX mechanics are rough. Monster not working yet. Black Hole partially functional.

Ultimately is tight to make a playable level by Wed with mechanics in progress and level design also in progress.

Level Design

Starting to run into roadblock of how to lay out the space in a way that maintains its realistic components.

Things to figure out

- Still need to decide what realistic elements I'm including. Was originally thinking of scaling down to one main meteorology room and screen, but then that leaves the rest of of the office pretty bare. Thinking of adding elements like reception desk?

- Using assets to arrange main meteorology room with computers and screens on them. Was thinking of putting this room on separate end from green screen, but wondering if I should place it closer.

- Am I including TV news studio in addition to weather components? Full realism would include a small weather area like this below in addition to green screen area.

- Reconsidering if adding a main control room would be worth adding.

- I tried to manipulate the office spaces more, but am still running into issue where material is oriented in wrong direction when I move it around. Need to budget time to learn a tool that fixes materials.

- Might need to raise the height of the ceiling to accommodate the green screen studio lights. Might raise the height just in the studio area. Seems do able, but I need to commit to a decision and adjust the geometry to accommodate.

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