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Winter updates

Over the winter break so far, I've been tackling a few areas

Fog Work Done so far

- Getting the FogWorld setup so it looks like what I had made in Unity previously. Setup lighting in the same way using spot lights from above, and scale fog asset I bought. Hit a roadblock where I got confused about the configuration of the spot light but resolved.

What remains

- Setup material dividing spaces so it is not reflective. Continue arranging fog.

Concept Work Done so far

- Reconceptualizing project further. School idea is decided as just a completely different project, due to that a school is too large to work in contrast with the fog world. Contrast would be lost.

- Focus on reinforcing the core concepts of making the home world claustrophobic and the fog world larger. (Maybe reintroduce school)

Team workflow

Give myself about two weeks to plan out a task list for the semester. Anything programming wise that is essential is created before the semester starts. I will design a task list where I can just continue working and others can pick up tasks as they want, but where I am not relying on anyone.

Essentials for this month

1-2 page document that outlines basic story/mechanics. Revise GDD to match ideally.

Have a playable proof of concept of some kind to illustrate what it is that needs to be built on.

Ultimately, most important is to focus on workflow and organization. Today I setup the following

- Jira is reconfigured so Backlog is tasks for rest of team. Sprint board is my to do list for the month, and also for keeping track of Arty. Am experimenting with time estimates.

- Toggl for logging time. Aiming for 8 hours a day. End of each day, setup Jira for upcoming day with ballpark time estimates.

- Time Notes reintroduced, to keep track of my thought process as I work on a task. Essential for when I get lost/sidetracked hopping between pieces, or are writing down specifics. Not needed when things are going fine.

- Trello is reconfigured so it is essentially a notepad for ideas not yet ready for a task.

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